1. Getting Started

This Training Guide is designed to get you up and running quickly by taking you through a set of real-world examples. You will create and deploy modular applications using the One Network SDK. This guide is designed as a companion to the One Network Software Development Kit User Guide. The User Guide acts as a detailed reference for all elements of the SDK, while this document focuses on using project-based examples to demonstrate concepts presented in the User Guide.

Each exercise contains specific learning objectives and suggested time-frames for how long each will take to complete. The objective of the Training Guide is to prepare you (the developer) to create and deploy a full-scale application instance complete with development, test, and production environments utilizing the core functionality provided by the One Network SDK.

Table 1.1. Learning Objectives for Exercise 1

Approximate Time to Complete: 2 Hours
Learning Objectives. Upon successful completion of this exercise, you will be able to:
  1. Successfully download and install the One Network SDK

  2. Create an empty module linked to DevNet

  3. Load test data into the empty module

To complete this you'll need:
  • Internet connection

  • Web browser

  • An active DevNet account