Anonymization Strategies

The Module Process Template (MPT) allows you to specify anonymization rules at a field level. Only fields for which anonymization information is specified in Module Process Template (MPT) will be considered in data anonymization process.

  • Anonymization Strategy - Platform provides a number of re-usable anonymization strategies such as AddressAnonymizer, EmailAnonymizer, PhoneFaxAnonymizer, etc. You can either select a strategy from the list, or you can opt for a custom Anonymization Custom Class instead.

  • Anonymization Class - If the platform-provided strategies don't meet your requirement, you can build your own anonymization class by implementing the com.onenetwork.platform.anon.Anonymizer interface.

  • Anonymization Params - These parameters are passed to the Anonymization strategy. The exact values expected depend on the strategy in question.

The LastModifiedUser and CreationUser fields are automatically anonymized by default without any explicit configuration.