Business Logger Document


The Business Logger Document (BizLoggerDoc) holds structural information. It has various properties, some of which are "implicit" (captured automatically by the Platform) and some of which are "explicit" (must be passed by the code making the logger call.

Implicit Properties

These properties are assigned values automatically by platform and cannot be modified by the client:

  • InstanceURL URL of the instance from which the BizLoggerDoc originated

  • ValueChainID Value Chain Id of the instance.

  • ServerIP IP address from which the BizLoggerDoc originated

  • LogDate Date when the BizLoggerDoc was logged

  • StageStage of originating instance (for example, "Dev" or "Production")

Explicit Properties

These properties may be provided by the client:

  • Enterprise Enterprise name which owns the BizLoggerDoc. This allows users from that Enterprise to view the log. (Without this flag, the document is available only to Value Chain administrators.)

  • Messages Optional array of free-form text messages. The message text can contain variables (e.g. ${LogDate}) referring to properties in the document. These variables are replaced with the actual values in search results.

  • LogLevelLogging level. Supported values are DEBUG, INFO, WARN and ERROR.

  • Dimensions An object containing a number of well-known dimension types which can optionally be populated for easy searching later. Supported dimensions are Enterprise, Organization, Site, Item, ProductGroupLevel, SiteGroupLevel and Transaction Dates.