DynaField in Report

In a report, the DynaField value is represented according to its Display Pattern:

For DynaField report filters, you should set the governing model information in from a report plugin. This is required to fetch and construct DynaField components.

var accountKeyFilter = staticFilters.getField('PTA$Account$AccountKey');
accountKeyFilter.governingModelLinkValue = {
	value: 10004,
	displayValue : 'ProgressiveRetailer',
	modelLevel: 'Enterprise'

In report it is mandatory to add DynaField display column as a hidden RetrievalField. FieldName in RetrievalField should be DynaField name suffix by "Display". Example - If "TestModelDynaField" is DynaField you should also add "TestModelDynaFieldDisplay" in report retrievals with correct levelType.