EDI Config

EDIConfig is used to define Sender and Receiver Qualifiers/Identifier used by Sending/Receiving Organizations in EDI/IDoc files for Inbound/Outbound transactions. It support both X12 and EDIFact EDI's along with IDoc. This feature allows users to configure any custom EDI delimiter other than standard EDI delimiter while generating Outbound EDI files and also allows to configure suppress acknowledgement (EDI 997) and support for EDI 824 for business error. One entry for inbound along with one entry for outbound transaction for a partnership is required to process/generate any EDI; no need to provide EDI configuration for each transaction type. EDIConfig menu changes as per EDIType meaning if EDIFact is selected then Group Identifiers will no longer mandatory and if IDoc is selected then only Identifiers will be mandatory and Qualifiers will be removed from the screen. For example, a user may want to process EDI 315, 214 inbound file where both shares same sender/receiver identifiers then one EDIConfig entry is sufficient to process both transaction in ONE system. Please find below structure of EDI_Config table with example.

EDI Config Structure

This section describes EDI_Config table fields and its specifications

Table 16.26. EdiConfig Fields

ConfigNameThis will be autogenerated and value derived from edi sender/receiver identifiers (QualFrom/ISAFrom/GSFrom_QualTo/ISATo/GSTo). This can be customized if required. (KEY field)
EDITypeValue used to identify the EDI format [typical values are X12, EDIFact].
SenderISAIdentifierSender's ISA Identifier.
SenderISAQualifierSender's ISA Qualifier.
SenderGSIdentifierSender's GS Identifier
ReceiverISAIdentifierReceiver's ISA Identifier.
ReceiverISAQualifierReceiver's ISA Qualifier.
ReceiverGSIdentifierReceiver's GS Identifier
OBSegmentDelimiterThe character which separates the segments in an EDI used during outbound EDI generation.
OBFieldDelimiterThe character which separates fields or data elements within a segment of an EDI used during outbound EDI generation.
OBGroupDelimiterThe character which separates data elements within composite structure of an EDI segment used during outbound EDI generation.
OBEscapeCharacterUsed mainly by EDIFact, this is typically the release character used during outbound EDI generation.
OBRepeatCharacterThe character used to separates repeated occurrances of a simple or composite data structure within in an EDI used during outbound EDI generation.
OBSegmentSuffixAn optional character that can accompany the segment delimiter in an EDI used during outbound EDI generation.
FileFormatThis field mainly used for EdiType IDoc to persist it's format - XML or Flat file.
IsPrimaryForOutboundWhen true use this config as a primary config for outbound when multiple configurations are available.
IsPrimaryForInboundWhen true use this config as a primary config for inbound when multiple configurations are available.
Supress997Suppress the 997 from ONE for this Partner.
Support824Is 824 supported by partner to send upon business errors.
EDIVersionSupported version for the EDI. It could be 4010, 4030 etc for X12 or D97A, D98B etc for EDIFact
OwningEntEnterprise owning this config. (KEY Field)
PartnerSupplier or Customer Partner record for which these config has to be applied. (KEY Field)

EDI Config Example

Sample values:

#* Config Name,* Owning Ent Name,Partner Enterprise Name,Partner Organization Name,Partner Name,EDI Type (No Values Specified),Sender Isa Qualifier,Sender Isa Identifier,Sender Gs Identifier,Receiver Isa Qualifier,Receiver Isa Identifier,Receiver Gs Identifier,"Is Primary For Inbound (0 or 1 [0=false, 1=true])","Is Primary For Outbound (0 or 1 [0=false, 1=true])","Supress 997 (0 or 1 [0=false, 1=true])","Support 824 (0 or 1 [0=false, 1=true])",OB Segment Delimiter,OB Field Delimiter,OB Group Delimiter,OB Escape Character,OB Repeat Character,OB Segment Suffix,Master Enterprise Name,Master Organization Name,Master Name
#Edi config for inbound transaction 855
#Edi config for outbound transaction 850