Flashback in Reports

If the Oracle database you are using has Flashback enabled, you can configure your Report so that end-users can execute it in the context of a previous point-in-time.

To enable Flashback, add the following to your Filters.  (We have made it a "dynamic" filter, but you may opt not to make it dynamic.)

<CustomFilterField dynamic="true">
  <FieldRef category="PDF" levelType="Undefined">
  <SimpleMapping sqlName="FLASHBACK_TIME"/>

The name FlashbackTime is a reserved keyword in ONE.  When present, this filter will indicate to the server that it should apply the user's given date/time when executing the Report SQLs, so that the results returned reflect the point in time given by the user.

Please note - if Flashback is not enabled in Oracle, or if the user selects a FlashbackTime which exceeds the undo_retention setting in Oracle, the user will receive an explanatory error message.