Generating and Running the Anonymization Procedure

Anonymization is achieved using a stored procedure. When run, it will execute the anonymization routine.

The procedure must be generated as a one-time activity. A JMX Method under the "DTB Admin" MBean has been provided to generate the data anonymization procedure.

This produces a DDL file which you should execute in the DB to create the procedure.

Next, there is a table called ANONYMIZED_USERS with a single column USERNAME. Before calling ANONYMIZE_DATA, you should populate this table with a list of all users to be anonymized. Platform anonymization logic will anonymize only these uses.

Once ANONYMIZED_USERS created has been populated, you can execute this procedure as follows:


This will anonymize all data. However, the stored procedure will throw error if it is called and your Stage is set to "Production" in InstanceConfig.xml, as this is not intended for use in production environments.


Along with platform core models, all internal infrastructure tables are automatically anonymized by ANONYMIZE_DATA().