Inbound Interfaces

All data feeds inbound to platform should be modeled as an Inbound Interface. An Inbound Interface is a named format in which data should be given to Platform from a client. Each Inbound Interface is associated with an Inbound Processor which writes the data to the database (or processes it in some other way). Inbound Interfaces are defined in MPT, SPT or EPT through Studio:

To add a new Inbound interface, select "Inbound" under "Integration Interfaces" and click "Add Inbound Interface" from context menu or toolbar:

As described in the Quick Start section, you can add Fields from existing models to the interface, transient fields (action defined fields), UDF fields (fields defined in SPT), EDFs (fields defined in EPT) or you can create new "Custom Fields" which don’t correspond to any particular model. Once you have decided on the fields, their ordering, their formats, requirements, etc, you need to configure a Processor to write the data to the database. The following two sections briefly outline the use of these processors.