Message Detail

The MessageDetail model captures additional "record-level" information for integration messages to go along with the "message-level" information captured in the Message model. One can have many MessageDetail entries for a single Message. These records can be reviewed in special reports to help administrators monitor the outcome of integration activities.

Table 16.20. MessageDetail Fields

MessageMessage for which this MessageDetail is providing record-level information. (KEY field)
RecordIdentifierValue used to identify the individual record. In CSV, it will be rownum. In XML, it might be element name, index, or line number.
ProcessingErrorsProcessingErrors will be null if the record was successfully processed, non-null otherwise.
PrimaryRefTransNoTransaction number of the actual business transaction for this record. For example: PO Number or Invoice number.
PrimaryRefModelTypeNameONE model type to which the PrimaryRefTransNo belongs
RawDataStores the raw data of the original record in a generic dyna field. The dyna field contains a large number of String fields. For CSVs, we put each column as a dyna field value. For other formats, it is left up to the interface impl to decide how to capture the information.