Creating a new Integration Subscription

If you look at the UI below, you will see that the UI displays previously generated metadata through studio. The Category combo box displays list of Interface Groups to choose from. Then the user can pick an Interface and version from within that group.

Once the version is selected, the Event and Schedule Sections will appear depending on the metadata configuration in Studio for that interface. All available actions are displayed in the event section for users to pick the ones needed.

"Execute As" is the user/role combination to execute outbound interface delivery. This UserAssociation should have permission on the models which the Outbound Interface works with.

"Ignore Changes Made By" can be used in cases when the certain User's Actions should not trigger IntegrationSubscription to execute. For example if "Ignore Changes Made By" is BookStoreAdmin, none of the Actions ( ZBKS.Create, ZBKS.Update etc.) on ZBKS.Book model will trigger IntegrationSubscription execution.

Schedule section can be used to schedule IntegrationSubscriptions to execute on a scheduled time. "Every Day" stands for daily execution on given time. All times are interpreted in the server's time zone.