Common Shortcuts

There are several shortcuts in Eclipse that are useful for speeding up development time. They are listed below in no particular order:

Table 3.1 General Studio Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + ROpens a dialog that allows you to search for any file in the workspace.
Ctrl + Shift + TOpens a dialog that allows you to search for any Java type (class or interface) in the workspace.
Alt + D then SFor applicable file types, this will submit the file to the server. For example, if an MPT is the current tab, this shortcut will submit the MPT to the server.
Ctrl + HOpens a search dialog to find text in the workspace (or under a selected folder in the Package Explorer).
Ctrl + MMaximizes the current Eclipse panel (or restores it if it's already maximized).
Ctrl + WCloses the current tab.
Ctrl + Shift + WCloses all open tabs.

Table 3.2 Java Editor Shortcuts

Alt + Left, Alt + RightTraverses the navigation history, which is created by things like changing tabs and navigating through Java classes. For example, if you Ctrl + Click a method call to open the method definition in another Java file, pressing Alt + Left will go back to the method call.
Ctrl + SpaceBrings up a list of autocomplete results depending on the context. For example, within a class definition, this will bring up a list of methods to implement, and within a method implementation it will bring up a list of fields and methods to call.
Ctrl + Alt + HWhen the cursor is on a method or class name, this will open a search for the Call Hierarchy for instances where the method (or class constructor) is being called within the code.
Ctrl + ICorrects indentation for the current line or a selected code block.
Ctrl + Shift + OOrganizes imports. It adds any missing imports and removes unused imports.

Table 3.3 General Editor Shortcuts

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + Shift + KThis will perform the last executed search for the next (or previous) text match. If any text is highlighted, the shortcut will start a new search for the highlighted text.
Ctrl + DDelete the current line of code.