SDK Minimum Requirements

To use ONE's SDK and Studio, a developer's environment must meet the following qualifications:

Operating SystemWindows 8 (or better), 64-bit*
*Requires administrative privileges to install. 

8 GB of RAM

Storage50 GB
DisplayGraphics resolution 1366 X 768 or better
Internet Connection

ONE’s web interface requires a broadband connection.

ONE leverages a CDN (Akamai) with edge caching to reduce latencies globally.


Chrome (For NEO 3.6, certified on version 102.0.5005.63)
Microsoft Edge (For NEO 3.6, certified on version 102.0.1245.33)

One's SDK comes bundled with the main tools: Studio, Server, and Oracle XE. It also contains everything necessary for those tools to operate correctly. For example, Studio is a plugin for Eclipse, so Eclipse and the JRE are bundled along with Studio.

Development is done using the Studio plugin for Eclipse, which allows you to create, manipulate, and publish modules. When going to test your modules, you will launch a local Platform Server and navigate to http://localhost with a web browser.