SDK Installation Instructions


  • The ONE Software Development Kit (SDK) is an Eclipse IDE based tool for developing software on One Network’s platform
  • Hardware requirements: Windows 10 64-bit laptop with 8GB RAM or better
  • Software dependency
    • Open Java Developer Kit (OpenJDK) version 13
    • Oracle 18 XE, or 12c
  • Programming Experience
    • Although no specific programming language is required, users are expected to be proficient in
      • Java
      • SQL
      • Javascript

Installation Steps

Developer will need to install JDK and Oracle before installing SDK

  • JDK Install Steps
    • Open the web browser
    • Navigate to:
    • Download the .zip file for version 13.0.2, Windows 64-bit
    • Extract the .zip file to a location on your computer. For example: C:\Program Files\Java\
    • Edit the System Environment Variables:
      • Type “Environment Variables” in the Windows search
      • Select “Edit the system environment variables”
      • Click “Environment variables...”
      • Add an Environment Variable named “JAVA_HOME” to System Variables. This should point to where you unzipped the files. For example: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-13.0.2
      • Edit the “Path” variable. Add a new line with the value: %JAVA_HOME%\bin
      • Click OK to close the Environment Variables window

A video guide to installing JDK 13 is available here.

          A video guide to installing Oracle is available here.

  • SDK Install Steps
    • Click the file named "SDK_Neo3.3.exe" to start the installation process
    • Follow the installation prompts