TLV Injections

We introduced TLV Overrides in the previous section. While powerful, the TLV Override is also limited in that only a single overriding module "wins" and determines the override for the entire TLV. Other modules' overrides are ignored.

There are cases when multiple dependent modules may want to contribute additional filters and data measures to a TLV, producing a "merged" final TLV. This can be achieved using TLV Injections. Any new DM or DMGroup defined in the injection file will be added to the end of TLV in the modules' dependency order.

To insert additional filters and data measures to a TLV from a lower level module, define a "<TLVName>.tlvInject" file in the tlvs/ directory of a module, dataset, or EPT. The "TLVName" portion of the filename must match the original tlv's fully-qualified name.