UOM Conversion

The UOM conversion framework allows you to convert an enumeration value from one "unit of measure" to another.

In Platform, all Units of Measure are modeled as enumerations. Thus all conversions will be done at the level of a single enumeration. One can convert to and from different measures within that enumeration. For example - WeightUOM:Pounds -> WeightUOM:Grams.

Cross-enumeration conversions are not supported by Platform. For example - WeightUOM:Pounds -> DistanceUOM:Feet.

Often the conversions are based on international standards. For example, weight, volume and distance are well-known and published, which are set at Platform level and shared by all modules. Other times, the conversions are quite arbitrary. For example, quantity conversions. The number of Eaches per Case and Eaches per Pallet can vary by Item, by Site, or both.