User Interface

The reusable component One.form.DocumentPanel has been provided which can be included in any ExtJS-based screen. This component takes the following parameters:

  • sysGoverningOrgId: sys id of the organization which should be used when looking up DocumentTypes

  • modelLevelType: model level to which the documents will be attached, used when looking up DocumenTypes

  • sysModelId: id of the model to which the documents are being attached

Here is an example where the DocumentType panel is added to the ModelForm JS class of a Book.

define([ 'One/DocumentPanel' ], function() {
	ZBKS.BookDetail = Ext.extend(One.model.ModelFormContainer, {
	modelInfo: {
		modelLevelType: 'ZBKS.Book'
	createActionName: 'ZBKS.CreateBook',
	detailViewName: 'ZBKS.BookDetail',
	actionConfig: {
		listeners: {
		load: function(formPanel) {
			if (Ext.getCmp("docPanel") == undefined) {
				var documentTypePanel = new One.DocumentPanel({
					ModelLevelTypes: [ 'ZPTS.Book' ],
					SysModelId: formPanel.sysId,
					SysGoverningOrgId: UserProfile.context.OrgId,
					fileHolderName: 'attachments',
					id: 'docPanel'
		beforemodelsubmit: function(formPanel, model) {
			Ext.apply(model, {
				Attachments: Ext.getCmp("docPanel").getData()