NEO User Interface

About the NEO User Interface

The NEO user interface (UI) provides natural and intuitive navigation. NEO UI allows for effective data visualization via custom-configurable user dashboards and widgets. The NEO UI enables users to work quickly and efficiently. The NEO UI dashboard is easily configurable and offers data in one, easy-to-read screen. Additionally, users have the option to create multiple dashboards, each with theme-related widgets for visualizing different types of data and further reducing on-screen clutter. Commonly used items, including alerts, favorites, menus, and search, are clearly located on the left-side navigation panel.

From the NEO UI, users can create shipments, planning schedules, claims, and contracts; search for shipments, orders, items, claims, and contracts by various options; find business problems; and view the current status of shipments, claims, and contracts in the system. From the NEO UI, users can launch various Network Applications and adjust the sizing and layout of tiles or panes. Additionally, the NEO UI is role-based, providing users with their own view of their operations. Completely run from a browser, the NEO UI is designed for high-performance download speeds and responsiveness over the Internet for all degrees of technological sophistication.