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Introduction to ONE

One Network provides planning, execution, and business intelligence applications built on a federated cloud computing platform. Committed to embracing, not replacing, existing technology, One Network enables companies to achieve unprecedented visibility and collaboration that supports synchronized end-to-end business processes, improved insight, and better decision-making. One Network's multi-enterprise communities currently include more than 30,000 companies within a variety of industries.

One Network covers business process collaboration in verticals such as Retail, Consumer Products, High Tech, and Defense Sector. One Network offers various services and solutions including end-to-end supply chain solutions, including Demand Collaboration, Order Prediction, Deployment, Community Procurement, Logistics, Spares, Master Data Repository, Business Intelligence solutions for Consumer Insight, Sustainability solution in the energy sector, and Hardware Devices based solutions. One Network also offers the underlying Multi-Network Collaboration Platform as an SDK for developers to build their own applications and host using Developer Network.

Version: 3.8.1

Release Date: September 19, 2023

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